9 Ways You Can Improve Your Website’s Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

As a writer or self-publisher, to improve your websites search engine optimization, you need to work on ranking higher on Google. 

Your website is your online shop or office.
It needs to be seen by as many people as possible for you to get as much business as you can.
Optimize your site, so you get lots of free traffic.
In this article, I want to talk about nine ways you can optimize your site.

Do you have unvisited pages or pages that are not doing anything in particular?
No one looks at them, and they don’t add value to your website.
It is easy to get excited and create several pages. But if they are dormant, you need to get rid of them.
These dead pages will make your site load slowly.
Google penalizes websites with slow pages.


Use the Pagespeed tool to check your page speed.
The slower your page loads, the lower you will rank on Google.
Pagespeed will tell you what you need to do -to improve the speed your pages take to load.

Self Publishing Tools


Once your website is up and running, you need to add interesting and engaging content.
To rank higher on Google, avoid posting duplicate content.
Don’t confuse Google with similar content that can be found on another site. -This will hurt your site as far as Search Engine Optimization. (SEO)

Your content needs to be unique to your site.
If you have a guest blog written on your site, tell the writer you prefer if the post is exclusive to your site only, and not to post the same article on several sites.

Make sure you have the Analytics Tool on your site.
Google Analytics is a dashboard of data about your website’s visitors.
Google Analytics is free.
Let this data show you who your audience is, and the experience they have with your site -so you know what’s working and where you can make useful improvements.
This tool will show you three main things among others.

  • Traffic
    The analytics tool tells you how many people are visiting your site or how many sessions you have.
    If your traffic drops, this will alert you that something is wrong.


  • Demographics
    Learn about who is visiting and interacting with your site by seeing your visitors’ gender, age, and locations.
    Use this to tailor your message and to meet their unique needs, and improve your engagement metrics.
    There is a lot more data that Google Analytics will show you.
    Make sure you use this tool to improve your engagement.

  • Bounce Rate
    The tool shows you how long readers stay on your site.
    If it is high, it will indicate your posts need improvement.


  • Take the Course
    Take the free Google Analytics Course to help you understand how it works better.

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Using relevant external links adds to your ranking. The links, however, need to be about what you are blogging.
Links from Authority Sites carry more value as far as SEO.
Avoid having a bunch of irrelevant links on your post. It will only hurt your site.

Internal links where you link to your other posts add to your ranking. Get these from your other pages and posts.

Google wants to see lots of activity on your website.
If you have people leaving comments, make sure you reply to them. If your website acts as a community, Google will reward you by improving your SEO.




Avoid having blog posts that look boring. You want to add attractive images, so your readers enjoy your posts.
Remember that you want people to engage as much as they can with your site.

Have you heard the saying; “If you create it they will come.”
When it comes to content, this is not true.
You have to go to them. -Or go to your readers.
Find out where they hang around and follow them with your content.
If you are a writer or self-publisher, go where others in your field hang around.
Just like a vendor does with his wares, you have to do the same.
When your readers engage with your website, this will make Google aware of your site and improve your search engine optimization.

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