Beware of the Dreaded Dream Killers

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When I decided to begin a blog in 2012, I remember sharing the idea with my friends.  “What’s the point of a blog?” was their response. I began to get a lot of self-doubt because they did not think it was a good idea. I nearly gave up the idea, but I decided to network with other like-minded people who encouraged me and appreciated my progress.

I’m so happy I didn’t allow my friends to kill my blogging dream because blogging has opened many doors for me.
As you begin to dream about your goals and your future, you will inevitably face the dreaded dream-killers. They come in different shapes and forms.
Let’s take a look at some common ones.

Other people
People around us can be negative downers. They tell us things like, “you’ll never be able to play that song,” “don’t quit your day job” or “stick to what you know” and laugh when you tell them about your big plans.
Why do they do it?
The truth is they feel down and out about themselves. They’d also love to achieve more. They start feeling insecure when they get the feeling you are going to break out of the box and move onto greater things. They’re afraid you will leave them in the dust, and they feel bad about not being able to achieve their dreams.

Don’t believe them
When people talk about the impossibility of dreams coming true, take the moment to encourage them. If you know your aunt once dreamt of being a dancer, encourage her to take a class or to go dancing one night. Instead of letting the party pooper spoil your good mood, try to bring them up. If the person’s attitude is hopeless, limit contact and simply go your way. You don’t need to let other people’s  negativity and insecurity bring you down.

Probably the biggest dream killer of all is that inner fear that you won’t succeed. Your own self-doubt, a childhood of low self-esteem or a difficult upbringing can all contribute to your low sense of self-worth and confidence. You want to make a difference in your own life and others, but your own doubt keeps you back. This can be tough. You have to learn how to change your own inner voice to a more positive voice.

Sometimes it is the fear of success. You know that success will take you away from your mediocre lifestyle which you are used to anyway. Success means getting out of your comfort zone and you just do not want to make the effort.
Listening to your thoughts, being aware and paying attention to what goes through your mind helps a lot. When you catch yourselves entertaining your low self-esteem, you need to encourage yourself.

Life is not a straight path
Our paths in life are not straightforward. We tend to take three steps forward and two steps back. It is important to be gentle and forgiving to yourself first and foremost. Don’t allow the fact that your dream is taking a while discourage you.
We learn in spirals even though we move and progress. We can harness the movement and the change and improve ourselves and the people around us. As you build your own future and make it bright, you are more capable of brightening the lives of others.

Say your affirmations as often as you can. Tell yourself; “I deserve good things.” “I brighten my life, and I brighten the life of those around me.” “I see miracles every day.” “I am proud of how far I have come.” You will feel better in no time, and have yourself right back on track.

Celebrate your progress
Think of the things you have done right. Look back a few years and see how far you’ve come.
Learn to appreciate any success you make no matter how small it is. Tiny successes build confidence. Think about these successes whenever doubt begins to arise. Set realistic goals daily so you can build yourself up by seeing those goals accomplished.
Don’t let any  temporary setback destroy your dreams. Get right back up again, dust yourself off and keep going. You deserve great things!

What stops you from achieving your dream? 

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11 thoughts on “Beware of the Dreaded Dream Killers”

  1. I agree! Get out of from under those “dark clouds”–it’s amazing how they dampen the spirit.

  2. Wow,

    Sometimes before success, their is that dreaded moment of failure. But a strong dreamer takes it as strength and moves on.

    Thanks Joy

    I won’t take no for an answer until I achieve it. Lets press on.

  3. This is such an uplifting post for all of us attempting to be a little different to the norm. My partner (aged 56) is launching a new career as a composer and writer because it is something he has always wanted to do, so it’s now or never. The naysayers are mostly his own family who think he should give up and get a regular job. We never know how close to success we really are so I see no alternative but to at least see his current project through to its conclusion.

    1. Anita.
      I am so happy you are encouraging your partner.
      Those of us who are creatives, (writers & composers) never make sense to ordinary guys.
      They always think ‘you need a regular job!’
      At 56, it is now or never. I would definitely encourage the dream.
      Thanks for visiting.

  4. Great article and inspiring. I have met the dream killers and unfortunately some can be your close family members like husband etc. Anyway, I am going by my dreams.

    1. True Jane.
      Sometimes your family & relatives can kill your dream. Many times I’ve had to just follow my passion & dreams even if no-one believes.

    1. Welcome Marilyn.
      Please use affirmations daily. Write them where you can see them.
      Thanks for visiting & please attend the Vision Board Party in December.
      (see programs)
      We talk more about Affirmations.

  5. I went through a phase where I started a blog in a niche I didn’t like just because I was told I could never monetize my website. Whenever I wrote a post, it felt like I was in an exam room. I finally let it g and went back to my previous website and I believe one day, it will be bigger than I can imagine.

    This post has been very timely for me. Thanks for sharing it Joy.

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