Enjoy Your Life’s Journey


One of my favorite writers is old King Solomon. He tells us to enjoy life because this is all we have.

Every year, I set my goals and revisit them every six months to make sure I’m on track.
There are some goals I meet, and others I meet after the deadline is way past.
When I began goal setting, I would get frustrated at myself for the goals I was unable to meet. I would imagine there must be something I’m doing wrong, or not getting and no wonder I was struggling.
I’ve since changed my mind.

Nowadays I know that Life is about the Journey -not the Destination
It is not smart to stay away from your family and friends because you are busy pursuing a particular goal.

A fun family and friends add joy to your journey. Cherish those relationships.
Your life is here and now. The journey takes place every day.
You can find small joys every day if you understand this.

King Solomon said; “ultimately we will all end up in the grave.”

The only difference between each of us is how much we enjoy the journey.

Remember, each day is God’s gift to you
Instead of obsessing over things you cannot control, focus on what you can, and leave the rest to God. God is in control; trust him with your business and personal life.


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