How to Create your Happiness

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Are you tired of working on things that bring you nothing but misery?
Like a boring job? Or trying to befriend people who aren’t interested in you?
Well, happiness can be elusive. You may work really hard in a relationship or your job and businesses, but they may not bring you happiness.
True happiness comes from within. If your happiness is pegged on outside sources such as your job or your children or even your business, then it will be short-lived. What if your business fails or you lose your job, or your children disappoint you, will that be the end to your happiness? We are solely responsible for our own happiness and we ought to search that deep in our hearts. But the question is how do you do that?
What exactly is happiness?
People have accepted a different definition of happiness. Some equate happiness with having lots of money while others think that being happy is being surrounded by lots of friends. You can be in the midst of many friends or even family members and still feel lonely and sad. Real happiness is not dependent on the outside environment; rather, it is the experience you acquire when you concentrate your energies on the positive aspects of your life that lead to self-fulfillment and personal growth.
It is within you
Happiness comes when your energies stem from the love that is within your heart. It doesn’t matter what people say or do to you. This kind of happiness is unshakable because you already know who you are. You are not defined by what other people say or do to you. Many times we see ourselves through the mirror of other people, and as a result, we always want everything we do to be approved by them. Seeking approval from others only adds to your misery. Some people will always find something negative to say about you, and you will never be good enough in their eyes, so why bother?
The only way you can be happy is to be  confident about yourself no matter the circumstances you are facing.
Be creative
If you are bored or frustrated in any area of your life, then do something to transform your life. Creativity brings about self-gratification and a desire to keep on living. But how do you become creative?
You have infinite abilities to perform infinite possibilities. There’s no limit as to what you can do.
Complacency is the enemy of creativity. People often get into a particular routine and become comfortable with the way they live. This creates a barrier for new ways of thinking.
Change your morning routine; wake up earlier and meditate for fifteen minutes. Take an early two-mile walk or run before going to work.
Learn a new skill
Learning never ends and if you knew the ratio between what you know and didn’t know you would keep learning. Enroll for classes and learn a new language, play a musical instrument or learn a new culture.
New knowledge stretches your mind and gives you renewed energy.
When you have a problem that you intend to solve, try to list down every thought that crosses your mind whether it is realistic or not. Within a short span of time, you will start seeing ideas flow. When you are at work or even in college, try to talk to your colleagues about the possible solutions to your problem. This will give you a different perspective to tackle your issue.



Your gift
Creativity is one of the greatest spices of happiness. In fact, creativity is a gift. Use it to add joy to you. You have great potential within you that you can use to transform your life. The question is, are you ready? Albert Einstein said; “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  Make a few changes to your life and it will create the happiness you desire.


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