How to Finally Start Making Sales in your Business


Many People lose track of their business goals and don’t make any sales because they stop focusing on the original reason why they started the business.
They suffer from the ‘Shiny Object Syndrome.’

For a long time, I struggled in my business. One of the reasons was the ‘Shiny Object Syndrome.’
Entrepreneurs are natural problem solvers, and it is quite easy to find yourself suffering from this syndrome.

After a lot of trying this and that and not selling much, I decided to slow down and focus, and suddenly I began to see results.

How can you tell if you have the ‘Shiny Object Syndrome?’
If you answer yes to more than two questions, you may be a victim.
1. Are you constantly starting new business ideas?
2. Do new ideas destruct you?
3. Are your business ideas not related? For example, start a restaurant, car sales, flower shop, party center, etc
4. Do you change your mind about your business idea after every year or two?
5. Are you constantly overwhelmed with ideas?

If you’ve had any of the mentioned experiences, then I know you are struggling to makes sales.
In this article, I share five tips on how you can finally start making sales and get rid of the shiny object syndrome.

1.  Focus

Decide what you want your business venture to be about and stay focused on that one item.
I know when online marketers tell you you will make quick money, it can be very tempting.
But stop and pause for a minute.  If it were that easy, then we would all be making that quick money.

2. Find ways to increase your sales through your product
Brandon Burchard in his book, The Millionaire Messenger, shares how you can turn one product into over five products that you can sell.
For example; If you write a book, you can later create a course and sell the training. You can also give speeches about your topic and get paid.
This is how you diversify your sales from just one product.

3. Create a website and sell your products online
In today’s world, selling online is the way to market effectively.
Have your website with a Shop Menu
Amazon is the perfect example.
We all go there to shop. There was a time the idea of shopping online for groceries seemed far-fetched.
Now it is a reality. Fewer people are actually going to the physical stores to shop.

4. Get assistance
You cannot do everything yourself.
In the beginning, you will start alone, but at some point, you need help.
No one, not even Sir Richard Branson the owner of Virgin Airlines does anything alone. To expand your business, you require assistance and more expertise.


5. Partner with others
Partnering will increase your customers as well as sales. Know who you can partner with so that both parties benefit from the relationship.


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