How to Make Money with Your Blog

Recently, three freelance writers asked me this question; “If I start a blog, how will I make money?”
This is a great question because you don’t want to waste your time and energy doing something that will not be profitable.
Let me share my blogging journey.
When I began blogging in 2012, my first trial at making money was using Adsense.
I think I made less than $2 after several months.
I was so frustrated and removed all the Adsense stuff from my site.
Looking back, I made several mistakes, and my mentor at that time was not particularly helpful.
To make money with Adsense, you need a well-optimized site and plenty of traffic.
I did not have much traffic and was just learning how to optimize my site.

In this article, I only want to share what I believe works and is easy to implement without losing your mind and wasting lots of money on expensive courses.

Everything about making money will require you to study the method seriously, do a lot of your own research, and learn from those who have succeeded.
Having a mentor will most certainly reduce your learning curve and help you avoid mistakes.

Once you begin your blog, you want to put out useful information that will attract readers.
If you want to learn how to start a blog, you can read about it at the ‘Art of a Blog.’

But even before you begin putting out information, take some time to research your niche.

Ask yourself a few key questions
1. What niche do I want?
2. Are readers interested in the niche?
3. Is the niche profitable?
4. Is the competition in the niche huge, will anyone notice my new blog?
You can use the Google Adwords Tool to see if enough people are searching for your niche.

If you choose a niche with a lot of competition like the marketing niche, curve an angle for yourself and have a different approach. For example, ‘Marketing Tips From The Bible.’

Create useful content
Once you build your site using WordPress, which I recommend, create valuable content. Don’t be boring. Avoid plagiarizing.
The best way to be unique is to talk about your personal experience. Infuse your personality because there is no one out there like you.

Market your blog
You have to start finding readers.  Make sure your blog is SEO optimized so it can be found by readers.
Build relationships with your readers.
In my experience, building relationships is truly the toughest part.
You have to keep communication lines open.
You can do this by having an email list, so you communicate with them.
I use and recommend Aweber. You are welcome to use my affiliate link.
Visit other blogs and comment, so you build a relationship with the owner of the site and other readers.
Social media is a great way to connect and build relationships.

Sell something please !
One time I read a post titled, ’80 ways to make money online.’
I didn’t understand half the stuff mentioned, and I don’t want to write for the sake of writing.  So in this article,  I will mention only ten methods you can use to earn money with your blog.
I have tried them all, and they are easy enough.

1. You can create your own products to sell like courses and webinars
What are you good at?
If you are good at Biology, do you know there are millions of people who struggle with that subject?
You can create simple courses to help students who struggle with Biology.  

2. You can sell other peoples products as affiliate programs
Some affiliates include Google Adsense.
Learn how it works here.

3. You can create a membership site

People pay you to be a member and get your top secrets at a fee.
You can also have a paid forum for a fee.
I belong to a membership site which has helped me enhance my business.

4. You can write an Ebook

Sell your book or advertise it on your site.
Here is an example of how you can advertise your book on your blog.

5. You can accept donations.
Some people are generous and willing to donate to assist you to run your site.
Get a PayPal or similar button and place it on your site.
See an example here.

6. Create an online shop
Once you create your shop, you need to tell readers about your store so they can visit it.
You need to constantly market your store. 

7. Get advertisers to use your site and charge them a fee
Some advertisers will approach you and request you to place their ad.
Other times you need to do the legwork and approach them.
Do not accept free ads on your site because you will be forever broke.

8.Digital business card

Use your website as your digital business card by letting people know what services you offer.
If you are a speaker or offer workshops, your potential clients will read about you on your website.
Having a website adds credibility and chances are you will get contracts easily.

9. Offer freelance services
If you are a writer, web designer, editor, graphics designer, and anything else you can do as a freelancer, then use your blog to advertise your services.

10. Build niche profit websites
This is a site geared to a particular niche that has products to sell for that niche.
Pat Flynn explains this concept quite clearly.

Read about his success here.

What are you waiting for?
” A year from now you will wish you started today.”  – Karen Lamb
If you do not have a website, you are leaving money on the table. It may take up to a year before you begin to see results. Nevertheless, start blogging today.


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12 thoughts on “How to Make Money with Your Blog”

    1. Yes Dorine. The best part about having a product is that all you need to do is market it.
      It will always be there. I look forward to seeing your complete product.

    1. Joseph. I am happy you visited & found this helpful.
      What is the name of your blog? Does any particular tip interest you to begin with?

      1. Click on my name and it will direct you there. You’re not new to my blog, i guess. I’m particularly interested in no. 4 and 7. I’ve written an outline of my first book, so just want to start out writing. The no. 7 tip, how does it work?

        1. I normally approach advertisers that I think can benefit from my site. For example, Zip Recruiter has Freelance jobs. So I tell them that most of my readers are Freelancers & will apply for the jobs. They will ask for your site & ask their Team (SEO experts, etc) to evaluate & see if they will benefit. Once you agree, (both parties) you sign a contract. There are different contracts depending on the company.
          1. Monthly Payments
          2. Affiliate type contracts.
          3. They pay you a percent once the person gets the job. I tried this one & was not successful- so I stopped even though if they want a CEO, you can get $5000-$10,000 if the CEO gets the Job. But honestly, CEO’s get jobs by human referral and not websites.
          For your other question. Number 4. Why not join my next class? Here is the link.

    1. Thanks for your kind comments Charmi.
      Making a living from your own blog is satisfying and feels great. No boss, and a lot of your own flexibility. It takes hard work though -but it is worth it.

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