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I was invited to speak to an audience that I thought I wouldn’t connect with. It was  at a large computer company. Computer professionals tend to be nerdy and easily get bored.
My topic was; ‘How to find peace and quiet in a noisy world.’
It was a free talk, which meant I would not get paid.

As an upcoming speaker, one of the things you do is give a lot of free talks

It is an excellent opportunity to network, and you also gain practice.
You see, speaking is an art. The more you speak, the better you get.
Another advantage is; you get the experience of speaking to diverse audiences.

I decided to order 60 copies of my Print on Demand book
I thought I should consider myself lucky if I got to sell five copies of the books after my talk.
The audience was mostly men, 70 % to be exact.
They gave me that look that screams; “We aren’t impressed!”
I felt small, and I had second thoughts of taking off. -Just run Joyce, run…
But the logical side of my brain was determined I would give it my best shot.

So I prayed and asked God to help my nerves
The talk lasted 45-minutes.
I allowed myself to relax, as if I was speaking to my family. It actually went smoothly once I began. Once my time was up, I announced I was selling my book for 10 dollars.
It is a nursing book, but I told them they could buy it for any nurse they knew -as a gift.
I had about 15 minutes to make any sales as they needed to return back to their offices.
To my amazement, I sold 50 books. That was $ 500 that I made in total.
That’s when I appreciated the benefit of having a Print On Demand book.
I used the money to pay a bill. The money came right on time.

You can make lots of money if you have a self-published book.
What are you waiting for?
You too can make extra $500 or more with your print on demand book.
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