Is SEO Frustrating You?

Is SEO frustrating you?
Having a new website is only the beginning.
You still have so much to learn.
Now you heard you have to optimize your site for SEO.
Before you get too frustrated, let’s talk a little about this.

What is SEO?
SEO means Search Engine Optimization.
An example of a search engine is, Google, Bing or Yahoo.
These engines send out their web crawlers to crawl the web, looking for content.
These crawlers will then rate your content based on how ‘good or bad’ it is.
They make this decision using an algorithm which is a secret that only the search engines know.
These algorithms are ever changing.

Many bloggers have lost income due to changes that affected their sites and they were penalized by Google. I also know some people who have made free money by convincing unsuspecting bloggers that they know the secret algorithms.
Unless they work for Google in Silicon Valley, somewhere in California, don’t get fooled.
However, the search engines give us clues from time to time that we can follow.
Recently, they started penalizing websites if they are not mobile-responsive. This means that your website needs to work on a mobile phone and iPad, instead of only on a desktop.
Here are six tips that can improve your SEO.

Avoid stale content
A one-page website becomes stale after a month. It is same old, same old. The crawlers don’t like that either.
The web crawlers want the content on your website to be fresh and new. Algorithms are why blogging on a consistent basis becomes crucial.
Blogging is fresh and makes readers interested in your site.
Make a timetable to blog at least twice a month. Blogging every week is best -if you can keep it up.

Optimize each blog post for particular keywords to generate better organic SEO. If your blog is about Wellness, your keyword can be ‘Healthy and Fit’ or something similar.
Before you choose a keyword, make sure it will work for you. Research the keyword using available research tools.
Be careful not to stuff keywords in articles.

SEO Frustrating you
An example of stuffed keywords is; “If you want to be healthy and fit, you must eat healthy and fit foods so that you remain healthy and fit on a healthy fit day!”
Remember, you are writing to people, not for search engines.
You can use keyword phrases, but make sure your writing is natural and it makes sense.

These crawlers look to see if there is interaction with your content and how long people stay on your site. If you write interesting posts, people will enjoy reading them. If your posts are boring, your visitors will lose interest in seconds and leave your site. The Google crawlers take note of that. They remind me of an octopus crawling about.


The crawlers look at links to and from your website.
A few years ago people had fake links to fool Google. But Google is always getting smarter.
Google measures the links by whether they are relevant to the content on your website. Leaving comments on random sites for backlinks is not effective these days.
It is best to get quality links.
You can do this by linking your posts to quality resources.

Use plugins to improve your SEO visibility. My favorite one is Yoast SEO plugin.
Yoast plugin will allow you to add SEO title, meta description, and meta keywords to each post and page of your site.

SEO Frustrating you

Site speed
How fast your site uploads is crucial to SEO. Fast loading sites normally outrank slower websites.
I remember removing some videos from one of my sites simply because they slowed down the site.
If I was tired of waiting for it to load, how about the reader? They are probably more impatient and will leave, which will increase the bounce rate and is bad for SEO.

Don’t panic

Don’t fret if it all sounds new and complicated.

You will get used to the terms and practices as you continue to blog.
Use these tips to make some changes on your website and don’t get overwhelmed with SEO.  As long as you have good content, half your battle is won.

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22 thoughts on “Is SEO Frustrating You?”

  1. Hi Joy,
    Thank you for this post. My blog: is relatively new and this tips will be useful to me. I am hosted on WordPress so I am a bit limited on plugins at the moment. I especially like the advice of “Don’t Panic”, it is quite relevant to newbie bloggers. 🙂
    I will be thrilled if you check out my blog.
    Thanks again.

    1. Thanks Bevalyn.
      Blogging is a great venture.
      Join the Facebook group, Zealous Business Owners for more tips from me & other members. You can also share your posts.

  2. As an SEO company in Folsom, we can relate to this blog post! SEO can be a daunting task for sure, and that’s why we like to go after what we call “low hanging fruit” which are quick to rank in the process!

  3. I attempted SEO myself, and it was a flop. It’s hard to manage your own business let alone try to get seen online by your own accord… We hired an SEO company and we’re glad we did!

  4. It’s seems that Google like to change their algorithms often and put things into a frenzy! Content rich with Keywords has definitely helped, though we do often see our site bounce around a bit! Hopeing to stabilize it more with informative articles…. Thanks for the input.

    1. Yes that’s true. Google changes like the weather and sometimes hard to keep up. Best to keep learning all the new trends.

  5. SEO is constantly evolving as what works yesterday may not be the same for today. Learning SEO takes years, but more importantly, staying up to date takes even more years that most business owners just don’t have time for. And there’s many other challenges like developing a website, social media, and much more. Oh my how times have changed > 20 years ago this wasn’t an issue.

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