Is there a Difference between Content Writers and Copywriters?

Early this year, I took on a project to write copy for a company. My job was to rewrite their brochure and create sales.
The original words on the brochure were so uninviting and unappealing that I doubt anyone was reading them.
After rewriting the brochure, their business began making sales and generating interest.

It’s no secret that for any business to survive today, you need to use the written word.
Knowing how to write in a way that speaks to your audience and customers is crucial.
To talk to your readers, you need to know what they most want.

As a freelancer, do you describe yourself as a content writer or copywriter?
The two words are used interchangeably on the web that it can get confusing to tell the difference.
Both content writers and copywriters are important.

But what is the difference?
When you are a content writer, you give information.
You talk about experiences and give a lot of facts or advice.
Content writing is about relationship building.
You know your audience so you can create a conversation with them.
The writing tends to be conversational, and the underlining motive is to make them come back for more.
However, you are not responsible for whatever action they take.




When you write copy, your primary objective is to sell a product.
Good copy is crucial for all businesses.
When you look around, I’m sure you can see businesses that describe themselves in terms of; we are the Best, our product is the Best, our services are the Best  -and after a few seconds you don’t feel like reading anymore.
This is considered ‘bad copy’ because it chases away any prospective buyers.
The fundamental question copywriters have to address is; what is the benefit for your customer?

An example of copy are the adverts you see on television or online.  The TV commercials, the brochures and sales letters, sales emails, and webinars.
As a copywriter, you absolutely care about the action the reader will take.
Their action is your responsibility.
Every word is strategic.

Why are copywriters paid lots of money?
-Because they make things move.
A company could have a product that they’ve been unable to sell for years.
When ‘good copy’ is written about the product, the sales begin to go up.
Ultimately, the company makes money, jobs are not lost, and everyone benefits.
This is why good copywriters are well paid.

One of the best copywriters is Ted Nicholas. He has made adverts that have sold billions of dollars.
As a copywriter, if you can convince a company that you can better their message and create sales, they will pay you well.


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