The Benefits of Practicing Gratitude Daily


How much would you be willing to pay a doctor to give you a prescription that would make you happier? I’m not sure a prescription like that even exists.

Some medications get people out of depression into a more stable mood, but no drug can make you genuinely happy.
It’s amazing how we long to be happy but do things or make decisions that make us unhappy.
To be happy, you need to incorporate gratitude.
Being grateful makes us aware of the moment we are living in. Being aware keeps us grounded and stops us from stressing about the past or the future. Residing in the past causes depression and sadness, while living in the future causes anxiety. Living in the present moment makes us balanced.
One practice I do daily is to be grateful for the day as soon as I wake up.
I utter this quick prayer; “Thank you, Lord, for giving me another beautiful day.”
This prayer is my daily happiness medication.
There are many benefits to being grateful, and I’d like to share some of them with you.

1. Your relationships will be more positive
If you are grateful for your friends, family, and colleagues, they will feel it. People who appreciate others are more positive and pleasant to be around. We all want to be appreciated. If you appreciate those you love, they’ll appreciate you in return. If you want to turn the relationships of those you interact with around, simply appreciate them.

2. Your health will be better
If you are grateful, you do wonders for your health. You prevent disease and depression and help your cells remain healthy. Stress has an oxidizing effect on the cells. Gratitude and a positive mindset have a protective effect on the body.

3. People will be kinder to you
If you want people to respond to you with kindness, then practice gratitude. Say thank you more often, and allow yourself to notice and to appreciate the simple gestures made toward you. When someone opens the door for you, realize there is nothing binding them to do it. Seeing and appreciating the kindness in others cultivates the kindness within you.

4. Increased energy levels
The more you practice gratitude, the less you feel bitter. When you appreciate and are grateful for the good things and people in your life, you smooth your mind and give yourself more room for energy. It’s very tiring being a whiner, complainer, and fault finder. In contrast, being a person who practices gratitude frees you and your energy levels go up.

5. Gratitude is liberating
Practicing gratitude doesn’t mean you are in debt to someone, but it does motivate you to do kind things for others from a pure and genuine place. You are no longer motivated to act from guilt. Instead, you act from true kindness. When you live your life geared toward a constructive and positive perspective, you are freed from your own negative emotions. The negative emotions don’t go away entirely, but you no longer live with them at the helm of our existence.


6. Sleep well at night
Gratitude helps you sleep well at night. We all know a guilt-ridden conscience keeps one up at night. A grateful, appreciative conscience is the conscience of a kind person, a healthy person, and a person who sleeps well at night. This goes back to living in the present instead of being stuck in the past or fixating on the future. Being grateful keeps you living in the here and now which grounds you and relaxes your body which makes you sleep better.

7. You become balanced
Gratitude is positive; it is kindness in action and it’s good for the mind, body and soul. When you integrate this into your life, you improve your outlook and that of everyone around you.
Give yourself the gift of gratitude for a healthy mind, body and soul.
The best part is, it costs nothing.

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