The Challenge of Trust

joyzeal024 Many of us have a problem with trust.
We may say we trust God, but our actions convey a different story.
I heard a story from Terry Seville about a village that had no rain for several months. One Sunday the pastor of the church asked the members to bring their items of faith so they can dedicate the afternoon to praying for rain.
Members brought Bibles, Scripture writing on carvings and their favorite quotes on posters.
There was a nine-year-old girl who brought an umbrella.
That afternoon, the church dedicated the service to praying for rain. Suddenly, after a couple of hours, it started pouring. The only one who had an umbrella was the little girl because she put her faith into practice. She had no doubt that God would answer her.

Trust is a higher spiritual level
It means you trust God no matter what. Even when things look impossible, keep trusting.
When you sit down to have your breakfast, you trust that your dining chair will hold you. You don’t normally inspect the chair to make sure it will carry you.
You trust that it will because it is a good chair -unless it is already broken. That is how our trust in God should be.


Limiting God
The challenge many of us have is we tend to put God in a box.
We make prayer requests, but we expect God to answer our prayers in a limited way. Let us stay open so that God does things his way.
Trust God to be your provider. When God gives you a promotion or a business idea, remember to thank him.
It’s not because you are so smart or lucky, remember, it’s God who opens the doors in our lives, and he is our provider.
Trust is our commitment to God.
If you want to be closer to God, trust him entirely and see how it will transform your life.


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