The Cost of Publishing your EBook on Amazon

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I know you want to publish your book, but you probably think it is too expensive to publish on Amazon.
I’d like to tell you that if done right, this is one of the best investments you can have.
So, what is the cost of publishing an eBook?
Before you even begin, you want to create an account with Kindle Publishing.
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Now the cost of publishing your book will vary from author to author.
After making tons of mistakes, and paying very high prices, I’ve learned to keep my cost of publishing as little as possible.
The numbers you will hear from experts regarding the costs of self-publishing are all over the board. But you don’t have to sweat, just be smart.
Here are six key things you need when it comes to your cost.

1. Write a good book
Your book must be a good book. Period.
Remember, you want people to read and enjoy your book. Even if it is a science book, it must be enjoyable.
If you write a trashy book, Amazon will get rid of it and may cancel your account.
There is a team of guys on Amazon called ‘Readers.’ These are retired folk who read books and make recommendations. Make sure you please these readers.

2. Write to a target audience
Writing to a target audience is so important when it comes to marketing your book.
Don’t try to be cute and write what YOU like.
I know a guy who wrote about his “Foot.”


Guess who bought his book?
His mom who loves him, his sister whom he forced to buy the book, and his best friend who bought it but never read it.

My latest book, ‘Finding Inner Peace was inspired by the fact that I was giving several talks on Stress Management.
I purposely made it short because my audience are mostly medical people, and they are too busy to read a long book.
Recently, I visited my dentist and was showing him my book; the first question he asked me was, how long is it? “If it is long, I don’t have time.” “No Doctor,” I said, “it is quite short.” “OK, let me buy it now.”
He immediately bought it, and his nurse and secretary also bought the book there and then.

Your EBook



3. Get a good editor
Please don’t edit your own book. Amazon uses software that looks for Plagiarism as well as grammar errors. If the software detects a certain percent of mistakes, your book is out the door!
Spend money on an editor; it will pay off.


4. Get a cover designer
I am so ashamed and embarrassed to tell you that I designed the cover of my first book.
I was so happy because I felt I was brilliant.
The truth is; It was the ugliest cover on the planet. After six months, my editor looked at the cover and almost fainted.
She called me immediately and said. “Joyce, change that cover now!”
I got a cover designer as fast as I could who charged me an arm and a leg -so to speak.
Please get a good cover artist, and do not, by any means make your own cover.

5. Get a good formatting expert
You can learn to format your book. But if you are not technical and for your first book, it is cheaper to go to Fiverr and get an expert. You will be happy with the work, rather than spending hours in trial and error.
They are not expensive, and they do a good job.

6. Marketing budget
I have spent a lot on advertisements over the past years.  Now I have learned it is cheaper to make tons of friends, and tell your friends to tell their friends.
As soon as you release your book, sell as many copies as possible during the first week.
When lots of people purchase your book, Amazon’s algorithm picks up on your book and promotes it, exposing it to more potential buyers, and helping your book climb the ranks.




I hope you will now self-publish your book.
Also, if you buy my book, let me know you did so I can thank you.



7. One last thing

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4 thoughts on “The Cost of Publishing your EBook on Amazon”

  1. Owesome tips Joyce, I really enjoyed your article.

    The book is also inspiring, and short to the point. Thanks for helping the world deal with stress.

    1. Most welcome Dorine.
      Stress is so common these days. It causes a lot of the common illnesses.
      It is best to prevent it.

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