What I am Thankful For



This thanksgiving month I am thankful for many things.

But most of all,  I’m thankful because I am alive today.

I normally travel a lot, and was flying from Africa to Europe.

The large airplane I was in was carrying about 360 passengers. When we were over the Mediterranean Sea, there was a lot of turbulence that is not unusual with international flights.

However, this was different. The engine stopped, lights went off, and the plane dropped a few meters. The hostess was thrown to the other side of the aisle by the swaying motion of the plane. I saw the fear in her eyes and I knew the end had come for all of us. I started earnestly praying.

 After 2 minutes, the lights came on, and the plane seemed to regain balance. The rest of the trip went well.

That near death experience made me think about the things I want to do. I knew then without any doubt that I need to have a positive lifestyle blog.

If this site encourages, motivates or inspires you, then I’ve done what I’m meant to do.

I truly believe you can turn the tide in your life and begin to live a more positive lifestyle. There are so many negative influences surrounding us every day.

These negative surroundings don’t have to define us; we can be positive no matter what challenges we face.


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