What if You are Blogging in the Wrong Niche?


Do you find you spent lots of time writing good content, but it does not seem to attract followers?

What if after Freelancing for a while you realize you are in the wrong niche?
You also notice no one comments on your posts, and so you begin to lose interest in blogging altogether.
What do you then do?
It is important to recognize that nothing done online with good intention is a waste.
You can still keep your website or choose to sell your site.
Yaro Starak sold his blog for $ 100,000 before he began his new site, Entrepreneurs Journey.

In this article, I’ll share six tips on what you can do.

1. Plan Afresh
Plan for your new niche focusing on your skills.
One mistake bloggers make is not focus on their strengths. There is no need of having a niche about making Apps if all the software jargon is too technical or bores you.
It may be indeed profitable, but you want to be interested and love a topic for your blog to thrive. -A common mistake writers make when they blog purely for money.

2. Write a Business Plan
Before you begin any business, always start with a business plan.
There are many tools on how to write one.
The simple question to ask yourself is; how do you plan to make money with your blog?

3. Remember Business is a Service
How do you intend to serve your readers?
The Bible story of Jesus feeding the crowd with fish and bread is the best business example there is.
In this story, the need was; people were hungry, and Jesus provided a meal.
What problem are you trying to solve with your blog?
If your blog does not solve any problem, then you are writing for fun -and that is quite OK. Some people love to write for fun.
But for it to be a business, you must consider solving a problem.



4. Clients and Followers
Keep the clients and followers you had in your old niche happy.
You know the saying. “It is easier to keep your old client than to find a new one.”
You can always convert your old niche followers and clients to your new followers.
Let them know you will be starting a new niche. You could even post this information on your old website.

5. Time
Realize it will take time before your new niche becomes profitable.
It may take up to a year before you begin to see any profits. Don’t allow this to discourage you. Keep working on your blog and marketing it.
Patience and persistence always pay off.

6. Get a Mentor
I credit my online success to the mentors I’ve had.  Otherwise, it would have been like looking for a pin in the dark. You know how difficult that is.
A mentor is someone who has walked the online journey and is the best person to tell you what potholes to avoid, and the best direction to take.


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4 thoughts on “What if You are Blogging in the Wrong Niche?”

    1. Ludiah.
      Thanks for saying my article speaks to you. This encourages me to write about real challenges Freelancers face.
      All the best as you write your business plan.

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