What Motivates People to Write Books?

self publishLast year, I joined a self-publishing club. It is one of the best things I did because I’ve learned the many reasons why people write books and self-publish.

When I wrote my first book, it was a nurses book. I wanted nurses to get the information to help them. Of couse I also wanted to make some money from selling the book.
In this article, I want to share what motivates different people to write books.

Tell a story
Don’t you love to read a great story? I’ve read some stories and would read them five more times. (if I had time)
A good story is so inspiring, so captivating and engages your whole being.
One great storyteller is Alexander Mcall Smith, who writes the ‘Number One Lady’s Detective’ series.
I can hardly wait for him to release his next edition. I have all his publications on my book-shelf.
He tells the story of Maramotswe, a detective from Botswana (Southern Africa) who investigates all the mischief that goes on in her small town.
If you want to read a good story, I highly recommend his books.

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Share family history
I met a lady at the self-publishers club who said her family had migrated from Ireland several years ago, and they were part of royalty from Ireland.
She said her grandchildren were beginning to forget their roots and the things that are important to their heritage. She decided to self-publish a book about her family and their migration history, so the knowledge is available.

Share their idea
Some people have an idea and just want to share it with the world.
Anne Borrowdale says some writers want to leave an impact in this life so when they are gone, others will remember them.

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Raise money for their ministry
Joel Osteen, the author of ‘Every day a Friday’ is a pastor with a large congregation. He writes several books, and the sales from his books support his ministry.
With a well-supported ministry, he does not take any salary as the pastor.
More pastors need to follow this business model, so their churches have enough money, and they as pastors also have enough.

A resource
Textbooks are resource books, and we all need them.
You can also write ‘How To’ books to explain something you are good at.
People are always seeking out books that can teach them how to do certain things like training dogs, cooking pastries and other skills.
Recently I bought a book about fund raising.  I don’t know the Author personally; I just needed the knowledge. ‘How to’ books are easy to sell.

Fulfill their ‘Bucket’ list
Some people just want to write because it is one of the things on their bucket list.
They’ve been telling themselves for years that one day they will write.
I know a guy who has written a book about his foot.
Maybe one of the things on his bucket list is to write a book, so it doesn’t matter if anyone reads it or not.
He has fulfilled his mission -as far as he is concerned.

Inspire others
One of my students Carolyn Smith wrote the book, ‘Is There Anything Too Hard for God?’
She wanted to share how God has seen her through some tough times to inspire others. It is a good book.
If you have faced some challenging situations and overcome them, you can write to inspire others.

Self Publishing

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