What’s Stopping You from Having a Website?

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Are you serious about your business? If you are, you need a website.
It does not matter whether your business is in writing, farming, selling handbags or web-design.
Imagine solely relying on Facebook, Twitter, and other Social Media channels to get your message or sales across.
Certainly, your message will get across, and you may make several sales. But, remember, these are not your platforms.
They are someone else’s platform.
Facebook can do whatever they want, and there is nothing you can do about it.
If Facebook decides to block you, what will you do if that was the only way you got your clients?

Get your own site

Having your own site with an email list so you can communicate with your customers is a necessity in business.

A few weeks ago, I was posting a picture in my group which I had adjusted.

The ‘Facebook Sheriff ‘ -as we call him was not happy, and I was blocked from communicating on the platform for 24 hours.
Below are the pictures I had edited and posted.
self publish


Facebook can penalize you for having too many likes, adjusting images, accepting too many friends at the same time and for other reasons, we may never know. Since they don’t tell you, your guess is as good as mine.



self publish






Read about how not to get blocked unawares or go to the infamous Facebook jail here:

When I was blocked by Facebook, I did several things.
1. I focused my marketing on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and other avenues.
2. I used my email list to contact my Fans.
3. I marketed offline.

And  I waited impatiently to be freed.

Lessons learned
1. Don’t upset the Facebook Sheriff.
2. Spread your marketing efforts on other platforms.
3. If you run a group, make sure you have an administrator because if Facebook blocks you, you cannot get into your group and your members will wonder why you fell off the cliff and went silent.

Finally, I’m grateful for having a website as my ‘business office’ and so should you.

Facebook and other social media are great marketing avenues, but you need your own website.


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2 thoughts on “What’s Stopping You from Having a Website?”

  1. Joyce,

    Thanks for your post. Indeed, anyone serious about their business should have a website. Perhaps some people hesitate because of the thought of spending money. I have made it my business to explore budget-friendly options specifically for freelancers so they can have their websites up and running as soon as they want to.

    1. Marilyn. I like that you have budget-friendly options for freelancers.
      Having a website has so many advantages that cannot be ignored.
      And you are right, it is important for anyone serious to have a website.

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