Are your limiting beliefs holding back your success?


Limiting beliefs are constraining thoughts concerning our identity and ourselves, which we believe to be true. These beliefs hinder us from achieving success as they limit our actions by stating; “I can’t do this,” “I’m too young or too old,” “I do not have the resources” or “no one in our family, city or state has ever done this.” Such beliefs are regressive and do not enable you to live your life to its maximum potential. This is because all actions first come from a single thought, and if the mind already believes that you cannot do something -you will not.

Limiting beliefs are usually brought about by our exposure, experiences while growing up, fears of the uncertain and education. If you hear something over and over, you will probably believe it to be the truth. This belief tends to shape our thoughts and how we react to different situations.

• If you were always told as a child you would never become a fast runner; you will believe this is true. Even after you win your college or school running competition, you will be afraid to attempt the National Competition. The fear is because you already have a limiting belief which makes you think that you cannot win.
• In your family, no one has attended college or university. You always hear talk about other people who go to university. Very soon, you believe a college education is not for you.
• Your mind will tell you certain things that you begin to believe like; I am not smart, I am not lovable, I am not beautiful, I will never get rich, nobody is interested in my opinion. You believe your mind’s lies and never take action that would require someone who believes they are beautiful, lovable or intelligent.
• You were constantly told that rich people will not go to heaven because rich people are evil, conmen, users and abusers.
When an opportunity comes for you to earn a six-figure salary, you reject the promotion or business deal because you are literally afraid of having that amount of money. In so doing you sabotage your success.


Determine your limiting belief
If you find that you are always holding yourself back from doing great stuff, determine what limiting belief you hold.
Once you realize that a particular limiting belief is blocking you from achieving your potential, you are on the right track. So, what can you do now?
It all begins in the mind. Start changing your thoughts. The following is what you could do to overcome your limiting belief:


Speak positively
Believe in yourself and the potential that you hold. Keep telling yourself ‘I can do this!’
Speak it out loud like a declaration. Once your mind believes that you are capable of doing things, your whole perspective will change, and things will work out to help you achieve your goal.
For example, if you have the belief that you are not beautiful -change your mind. Start believing you are beautiful because God created all people beautiful. Begin to dress in clothes that flatter you. Wear your hair in creative styles like the models do. Put on makeup and feel good about it. Tell yourself ‘I am beautiful,’ and believe and act like you are the queen of your city.
If you are a guy and do not feel handsome, or you feel you cannot get a girlfriend because you don’t have great looks, dress like a handsome, successful man and believe you can -and act with confidence.

Know the truth
The truth shall set you free- quite literally. Once you can distinguish the truth and the limiting belief, you will have a deeper understanding and knowledge of various situations. You will be able to realize that what you have held onto all along is a perception, yet you could have lived to your maximum potential. However, it is not too late to turn this around.




Reinforce your new belief
The change in you cannot happen overnight. You will need to tell yourself over and over that you can achieve success. If the negative voices from your past come back, telling you that you cannot do this or that, shake them away. Keep telling yourself that you are great.
Keep believing you can do whatever you want to achieve. Create your new positive belief and focus on it.


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