You’re Not a Real Author!

I told a friend I’d not seen in a while that I had authored and self- published two books.

“Self-published!” she almost yelled, “Then you’re not a real author.”
“Real authors have names that begin with Sir.”
“Nobody can spell your second name, and nobody cares!”
I paused for a moment. Then I explained that I don’t know what a ‘real author’ is, but the definition of an author is;
‘One that originates or creates something.’ Or ‘someone who writes books and articles.’

Don’t be surprised if you get such comments once you decide to self-publish your book.


Today the self-publishing business is very lucrative

If someone needs information from a book, they simply go ahead and buy it.
Many traditional publishers have run out of business because of the growth of the self-publishing business.
There is still a lot of debate on whether you should use a traditional publisher or self-publish. There are positives and negatives on both sides of the coin. -But don’t sit on your book project because you think people will call you a fake author. Don’t allow that to be your excuse for not writing.
You may be pregnant with the next bestseller. How will you know if you don’t deliver it?


I had a coworker who was so broke.

Whenever others went for their lunch break, she would tell us she was on a diet. The truth was, she couldn’t afford to carry or buy any lunch.

She later informed us she was never on any diet -just dead broke!
One thing she loved doing was weaving baskets. Someone suggested she should write about her basket weaving skill. It would be a self-published book.



With the help of her cousin, she wrote the book.

She then learned how to market it. She would talk about it in church, in women’s meetings, and to her friends.

She later got the attention of a large retail store that wanted to distribute her book. Her simple basket weaving book started selling in the thousands.
Debt and financial difficulties became a thing of the past.

If you met her today, you wouldn’t recognize her. Her life has totally changed for the better.
Self-publishing can change your life.

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